Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2013

Pokerstrategy wins court case against Pocket Kings

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Pokerstrategy has won their court case against Pocket Kings, the parent company & former owner of Full Tilt Poker worth $1.2 million, even thou the company is now being liquidated.

Following a decision in its favour by the Irish High Court, Pokerstraegy owner Dominik Kofert is now reportedly negotiating with Pocket Kings liquidators to secure payment, how much will be available to Pokerstrategy for the settlement is not known at this point.
The litigation has its roots in a marketing agreement between Pokerstrategy & Pocket Kings which was finalised prior to the Black Friday shut down & temporary ruination of the online poker operator. Full Tilt was subsequently acquired by Pokerstars after complex negotiations with the US Department of Justice.

In August 2011 Pokerstrategy started legal proceedings, with Kofert commenting that he had awaited the completion of the DoJ – Pokerstars talks before moving on his claim to remuneration for the 30,000 players a month he claimed his site was sending to FTP pre-Black Friday.
Back then, Kofert said, “Full Tilt Poker has a marketing agreement with us, under which there is among other continuing obligations an outstanding invoice of approximately $1.2m. This has been outstanding since Full Tilt Poker was forced to suspend operations in June 2011 due to the revocation of its licence.”

“Despite the large sum of money involved, we were careful to file the claim only after the rescue of Full Tilt Poker was completed as it was of the utmost importance that this claim would not jeopardise any potential deal, player bankrolls or the resurrection of Full Tilt Poker.
“Thus, our claim has nothing to do with players getting repaid or not. That the players get repaid is a done deal & we deliberately waited with our claim until it was done.”

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